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“Managing Actual Volatile Demand in the Global Automotive Supply Chain” features Egge Haak, Managing Director of Netherlands-based Involvation, a leading consultancy and implementation firm that is focused on improving the supply chain and its management. Listen here.

“Automotive Related Contracts in Mexico: What You Need to Know” features Juan Carlos Banuelas, a multi-cultural, international lawyer, with emphasis in the negotiation and drafting of international contracts (terms & conditions of automotive OEMs and TIER 1s). Listen here.

“Automotive OEM Plants Update: Dates for Plant Openings, Closings Worldwide” features Thomas Kowal. Mr. Kowal is VP of Business Development of Seraph, a US-based management consulting firm with offices in the US, Mexico and Ireland. Thomas has over 15 years of OEM / Supplier sales, plant operations, and product launch experience.. Listen here.

Below are Audio Interviews with International Thought Leaders on various supply chain and trade related topics. Enjoy!

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Automotive OEM Plants Update: Dates for Plant Openings, Closings Worldwide

US Trade Policies: Current and Future Issues, Challenges and Solutions

Automotive Related Contracts in Mexico: What You Need to Know

eCommerce in Latin America: A New Business Channel in the Independent Aftermarket

Automotive Production in Mexico: Update

The Brazil Automotive Industry: Prospects for 2019-2020

Labor and Employment Issues are Causing Major Disruption in Mexico’s Automotive Supply Chains

How Trump Trade Actions are Disrupting the US Auto Industry

New Data: Impacts of USMCA on the Global Auto Supply Chain

Automotive Growth in Mexico: What to Expect from the US-Mexico Trade Agreement

Financing your Mexico Equipment and Operations

How Minority Purchasing can Benefit your Entry in the U.S. Automotive Industry


Important Tips for Protecting Your IP from China

US-China Trade War: What is Going On, and What You Should Do About It

Setting Up Manufacturing and Related Operations in Vietnam

Importance of Business Intelligence on Decision-Makers When Doing Business in China

Current Developments of the China Sourcing Function


Managing Actual Volatile Demand in the Global Automotive Supply Chain

Automotive Industry CEO Series: Global Leadership and COVID-19 Pandemic

Incoterms 2020: Updated Rules for Global Trade

How to Deal with Cross-Border Employee IP Theft: An Automotive Case Study

Industry 4.0 Update: Globally and Michigan

Tariff Shift: Trade War Sourcing Tactics for Automotive Companies

Cognitive Sourcing and AI in the Global Supply Chain

5 Systemic Disconnects Accelerating Global OEM-Supplier Costs

International Business Travel: Keys to Staying Safe and Compliant

The Impact of eCommerce on the Global Automotive Industry

The State of Global Trade in the Automotive Industry

Three Hidden Disruptors in the International Automotive Industry

Digitalization of the Global Auto Industry and its Supply Chain

How Automotive Suppliers Can Take Advantage of Trade Credit Insurance

Leveraging Global Supply Chains for Maximizing Shareholder Value

Building Global Trade Compliance Across Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Finance: The Engine to Optimize your Working Capital with a Global Impact

The path of building a research stream to help OEMs better innovate through managing a global supply network

Current and Emerging Strategies in Global Automotive Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Demand Driven and the Global Supply Chain

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Auto-Mobility Warehouse of the Future

Auto-Mobility E-Commerce: Setting the pace of Change

Auto-Mobility Battery Logistics

Potential Impact of USMCA: Perspectives from the Automotive Industry

Cognitive Sourcing: The CFO Perspective

How Innovation is Transforming the Procurement Organizational Blueprint

Cognitive Sourcing is a Leap Forward in Managing Threats and Opportunities

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