The Impact of eCommerce on the Global Automotive Industry’s latest Audio Interview, “The Impact of eCommerce on the Global Automotive Industry” features Fathi Tlatli, President Global Sector Automotive at DHL.

Audio Interview Guest:
Fathi Tlatili
President, Global Sector Automotive
DHL Auto-Mobility

In the 11-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Tlatli discusses and answers these questions:

  1. We have seen how ecommerce has an impact on certain industries. How do you think ecommerce would affect the automotive industry?
  2. Which parts of the business of the automotive industry is most likely getting into ecommerce in the short term?
  3. You mentioned that the aftermarket is currently the most mature segment in the automotive ecommerce. However, it has not achieved the same level of penetration as online retail, for example. Why is that so?
  4. As the automotive industry geared up towards having more ecommerce offerings, are the supply chain ready to enable the changing business model?
  5. Following the evolving trend, it is foreseeable that future sales of automotive vehicles could eventually take place online. However, this is not a distinct change in the industry at the moment. Why is that so?

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About Fathi Tlatli:
Currently responsible for global business development and strategy for Deutsche Post DHL logistics Automotive-Mobility sector. Professor and lecturer in global marketing, intercultural management and strategy for various European institutions and writer of a range of articles and books on this subject.

Author of other books on Time Management, on marketing in emerging markets (Successful Marketing in Emerging Markets , Gestion 2000), as well as articles in the international management field.