Recorded Webinar: Global Auto Industry Traineeship Program

The “Global Auto Industry Traineeship Program” is a joint effort by SHRM (the Society for Human Resource Management Professionals) and

About this Recorded Webinar:

WHAT: “Global Auto Industry Traineeship Program”
WHEN: Recorded on August 24, 2023
COST: Free to access Recorded Webinar (however, you must register)

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To participate in the Traineeship Program, please note:

  • This Program helps Companies develop their non-U.S. based talent, by providing on-the-job training in the U.S. (at your company’s locations) for Participants.
  • To participate, this Traineeship Program must be initiated by the Company and/or an authorized representative of the Company.
  • Company must have U.S. operations, where Participants will participate in on-the-job training.
  • Eligible talent includes: engineering, manufacturing, business, logistics, finance, supply chain, and other professional categories (for both ‘trainees’ and ‘interns’).

Recorded Webinar Presenters

  • Introduction = Ron Hesse, CEO at
  • Presentation = Gennady Babankov, Manager, Exchange Visitor Programs at SHRM
  • Q&A = Gennady Babankov and Ron Hesse

Recorded Webinar Answers these Questions and more

  • What skills and jobs are eligible?
  • What does a typical Training Plan look like?
  • Regarding the J-1 Visa application process, what is involved and how long does it take for approval?
  • What kind of support can I expect from SHRM and
  • Does the Participant need to speak English?
  • What about medical, health and travel insurance coverage?
  • Can the Company train the candidate at the Company’s various locations in the U.S.?
  • How much do I pay the trainee (or intern)?
  • What expenses are the Company expected to cover?
  • What about housing and transportation for the Participant?
  • Can a family members join for duration of training program?
  • Can a spouse or partner work?
  • And other audience questions during the ‘live’ Q&A session at end of Webinar!

Thought Leadership Interview with Gennady Babankov, SHRM

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