Download: Doing Business in the United States 2022 – Guide

Document: “Doing Business in the United States” 2022 Guide

Guide by: K&L Gates

Published: April 2022

Number of Pages: 147 pages

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About this Guide

A Guidebook for non-U.S. companies operating in the United States

Companies operating in the United States encounter numerous legal and regulatory issues arising from doing business in the world’s largest economy. Anticipating and dealing appropriately with those issues can improve markedly the success of those operations. The Doing Business in the United States: A Guidebook for Non-U.S. Companies Operating in the United States identifies and discusses the legal and regulatory issues commonly faced by non-U.S. companies commencing operations in the United States. It also can serve as a helpful checklist and monitoring device for companies already operating in the United States or considering expansion of those operations.

Authored by numerous lawyers from various practice areas in our offices across the United States, the guidebook covers a wide variety of topics. Its 18 chapters include entity selection and formation, taxation, regulations, employment law, immigration law, acquisitions and joint ventures, customs laws, antitrust laws, environmental law, and more.

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