About Us

GlobalAutoIndustry.com has been delivering results since we launched in 1996. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

Company Mission

GlobalAutoIndustry.com is the leading global business intelligence source for the automotive industry, and helps automotive OEMs, suppliers and related companies succeed in international markets by connecting them with leading Global Experts and Global Expert Partners*.

(*) GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s definition of a ‘Global Expert’ or ‘Global Expert Partner’ is any company or organization with a product, service or tool which can help automotive companies more successfully compete globally or in international markets.

Global Reach

GlobalAutoIndustry.com now reaches over 857,000 automotive industry professionals, including over 35,000 companies, and growing.

For complete details, ask us about the Global Automotive Reach brochure.

Engaging Content

GlobalAutoIndustry.com engages its global audience with great content, knowledge and expertise, and does this through its Audio Interviews; eJournals (newsletters); third-party Events; and other great tools and activities.

Audio Interviews:
GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s popular weekly Audio Interviews — with leading experts from around the world, are also distributed by our Media Partners, including leading automotive publishers WardsAuto (US), Aftermarketnews (US), ETAuto (India) and China Automotive Review (China). These Interviews regularly are among the highest clicked-through articles in their newsletters and websites.

Weekly newsletters address international automotive markets, and business and operational challenges from around the world. eJournals include ASIAtalk, CHINAtalk, EUROtalk, AMERItalk, LATINtalk, and quarterly GLOBALtalk HR and GLOBALtalk SCM publications (coming soon).

Education and Training Expertise

The Management Team has over 20 years’ experience working in corporate training and education, having conducted and administered over 1,000 conferences, seminars, workshops and online training events, with over 100,000 attendees served. Management team members designed, developed and managed Ford Motor Company’s Training & Conference Center and their global training function. The team managed General Motors’ University and all of their training services; as well as clients like Dupont, GE, Goodyear and Eli Lily.

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