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Thought Leadership

“Consumer Mobility and Dealership Retail Trends: International Investment Opportunities” with Brodie Cobb, Founder and CEO of San Francisco-based The Presidio Group, a private investment bank engaged primarily in mergers and acquisition and fund raising for automotive dealerships and auto retail services firms. The Presidio Group has collectively done 190 transactions worth more than $10 billion. Listen here.

“Impact of the Pandemic on International Autotech M&A” features Miro Parizek. Miro is Principal Partner at Hampleton Partners, a tech M&A advisory firm with offices in London, Frankfurt, Stockholm and San Francisco. He has closed scores of transactions in over twenty countries spanning five continents and has extensive experience across a wide range of technologies. Before his 20 years in M&A, Miro was the founder of various software and IT Service companies. Listen here.

Companies For Sale


India-based automotive supplier (one of the largest manufacturers of sheet metal components in India) is seeking to be acquired. Revenues $42 million, and EBITDA of (-$1.4 million).

Contact: Ron Hesse –


A United States based precision machining company is looking to sell their CNC machining operation in China with revenues of $12,000,000 and EBITDA $2.5 million.

Contact: Ron Hesse –


Well-established, India-based manufacturing supplier of machinery for global automotive and other industries. Company holds patents for 11 basic and 23 derivative models of CNC Machines, and has partnerships/JVs with Italian and Czech Republic based firms.

Contact: Ron Hesse –

Looking to Buy


A Global Automotive Parts Manufacturer is looking for a Manufacturer of Aluminum Automotive Components and Assemblies with an EBITDA between $1 and $5 Million located in the US or Mexico.

Contact: Ron Hesse –

Seeking Financing


Long-term debt investment of 35 million euros sought to finance growth of a market leader in the Turkish passenger car rental industry. Funds to be used for (a) refinance loans amounting 11 million euros, and (b) acquire new fleet of 24 million euros to satisfy increasing market demand.

Contact: Ron Hesse –

Automotive M&A News and Updates

PwC: Global automotive deals insights: 2021 Outlook

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