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DHL is the logistics provider with in-depth expertise in logistics for component manufacturers, tires, commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles understanding the challenges across the entire supply chain.

Auto-Mobility Solutions & Expertise

Component Manufacturers

DHL provides globally integrated solutions that manage the I2M (inbound to manufacturing) operations landscape typified by small, dispersed, sometimes non-compliant suppliers. This streamlines the flow of materials into the production plant in a timely and predictable manner.

Component manufacturers produce and manage a very wide range of parts so DHL has developed a comprehensive logistics solutions portfolio for every need.

To adjust the entire supply chain at short notice, for example when an OEM production schedule changes or if a natural disaster strikes, DHL ensures visibility with its state-of-the-art control tower services.

DHL’s reverse logistics capabilities simplify the return of damaged or obsolete auto-mobility parts for repair, remanufacture, or recycling. Subsequently, these items can be re-distributed through aftermarket channels.


DHL understands the specific logistics requirements for tires and has therefore developed the right set of operational expertise for high-quality, compliant product handling, storage, and transportation. In addition, DHL has invested in product-specific capabilities such as mega-trailers, ensuring operational excellence.

To match supply with demand for a product that is impacted by seasonality, highly dynamic consumer behavior, and complexities in forecasting and planning, DHL ensures visibility with its state-of-the-art control tower services.

DHL’s comprehensive distribution solutions portfolio and local market understanding guarantee an adapted aftermarket setup in key markets. This is particularly important for tires as they are mainly replacement products.

Commercial Vehicles

DHL understands the growth potential for commercial vehicles in emerging markets and can progressively support expansion strategies through dedicated knock-down solutions at origin and destination. In addition, DHL provides local expertise and capabilities and a risk management approach, indispensable for operational consistency.

DHL’s operational excellence and industry-specific solution portfolio maximize plant capacity utilization on a global basis. This is critical, given the lower production output of commercial vehicle OEMs compared to industry standards. From just-in-sequence delivery of goods at the plant to line-feeding, DHL has developed a full set of best-practice expertise related to auto-mobility in-plant commercial vehicle logistics.

Passenger Vehicles

DHL is ahead of the curve with connected vehicles. The cost of electronics and software content in cars has doubled in a decade, resulting in a constantly evolving supply chain. DHL control tower solutions combined with supply chain consultancy services provide the required flexibility to quickly adapt to frequent shifts in inbound flows, minimizing any negative impact of changes to supply chain setup.

Digitalization and new mobility concepts are changing the balance of the OEM customer base (commercial fleet / on-demand driving). This creates different aftermarket service needs. Leveraging experience gained in other industries and subsectors, DHL offers a wide range of aftermarket distribution setups. These can adapt to specific customer requirements, particularly in terms of cost and service levels.

DHL’s industry expertise helps customers keep up with the tremendous acceleration of new vehicle launches. All the way from prototype transportation management and execution to progressive production ramp-up, DHL supports the entire launch process. Additionally, DHL’s centralized marketing execution services allow timely global communication while keeping efficient brand control.

DHL is deeply committed to its own sustainability goals and, at the same time, helps customers to reduce their carbon footprint to comply with the increasingly regulated environment and to ensure responsible business practices. Through closed-loop supply chain solutions that integrate waste management and remanufacturing concepts, DHL delivers sustainability, performance, and cost efficiency.

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