European truck aftersales 2030 – Securing the most profitable business

Customer service, maintenance and spare parts – in a word, aftersales – represent the most profitable business segment for truck manufacturers (OEMs). But suppliers, wholesalers, workshops and players from outside the industry are increasingly trying to break in to the market with new business models, putting traditional OEMs’ profit margins under pressure. The automotive experts from Roland Berger analyzed this difficult market situation for their study: “European truck aftersales 2030 – Securing the most profitable business”. They also formulated a two-step approach for new business models that truck OEMs can adopt to help ensure their success in this fiercely competitive market.

“Gross margins on spare parts, maintenance and service can be as high as 50 percent,” said Norbert Dressler, Partner at Roland Berger. “The OEMs simply cannot afford to pass that up. That’s why they must act in response to the new competitive context, and they must act now.”

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Source: Roland BergerGAI