Export Strategies for China & Korean Automotive Markets


Exporting parts to Korea and China’s automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial parts industries requires specialized knowledge and experience. Watch the newly released On Demand Seminar, “Export Strategies for China & Korean Automotive Markets” to learn key strategies for successful exporting. Michel Locquegnies, President, Mark-Tech International, shares his 30 years of experience in exporting to Korean and China in this On Demand Seminar, produced by GlobalBusinessProfessor.com and GlobalAutoIndustry.com.

Seminar Presenter:
Michel Locquegnies – marktechinternationalus@gmail.com
Mark-Tech International


In the seminar, Locquegnies identifies and discusses the key steps needed for a successful export strategy, including targeting customers, conducting market research, finding business partners and accessing assistance through government trade organizations. He also addresses challenges with exporting and how to address them, including complying with US Government rules, managing exchange rates and payment terms, buy local attitude of OEM’s, and import duties and taxes

Locquegnies presents information on Korea’s four major automotive segments: light vehicles, commercial vehicles, off road vehicles and marine engines. Specific brands are identified with their respective sales and production volumes and locations of the manufacturers. Locquegnies also presents information on China, the world’s largest producer of commercial vehicles and off highway equipment. Geographic locations of the OEMs are presented as well as their sales volumes and market share.

Michel Locquegnies is an experienced global business executive based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who advises and leads clients to profitably expand their global sales, market share, customer base, and supplier base. He has 30 years of experience working for US and foreign headquartered companies in a wide variety of industries.