Investing in Mexico: Planning for Success


Learn the 5 strategies critical for success in Mexico by watching the On Demand Seminar, “Investing in Mexico: Planning for Success”, presented by Judy Kruger, Senior Vice President of International Sales, PRA Global.

In the 25-minute seminar, produced by and, Kruger details how to explore investment opportunities, research investment costs, find the right location, hire and retain good workers and appreciate the Mexican culture.

Seminar Presenter:
Judy Kruger –
Sr. VP, International Sales
PRA Global


Kruger thoroughly discusses industries currently very attractive for foreign direct investment, especially automotive, aerospace and electronics. She emphasizes that Mexico’s Trade agreements add another layer of profitability to US companies setting up operations in Mexico. With charts that compare average lease rates, construction costs, wages, corporate tax rates, and annual increases, Kruger helps viewers understand the start-up and investment costs of doing business in Mexico vs. the U.S. and China. She presents a detailed chart with industrial market locations, availability, lease rates and land prices. Her discussion of Mexican workers’ priorities will ensure that new entrants to the market can hire and retain happy, productive workers.

Kruger provides consulting with U.S. companies on growth strategies in Europe, Asia, South and Central America. She was formerly with Grupo Prodensa, a firm headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico and as VP of Operations, she developed maquilas or shelter companies in all regions of Mexico. PRA Global drives growth through targeted sales, distribution, and full start-up services in Europe, Asia, South and Central America.