Is Cuba Ready for American Trade and Investment?


All eyes are on Cuba as an investment opportunity for U.S. Companies. With travel and trade restrictions relaxing this year the question becomes – Is Cuba Ready? For each potential deal, a number of factors and risks need to be assessed. As the small island nation strives to join the world trade community, Cuba is likely to become a favorable investment destination. In the On Demand Seminar, “Is Cuba Ready For American Trade And Investment?”, Judy Kruger, Senior Vice President of International Sales, PRA Global, evaluates the five key factors for investment in Cuba: workforce availability, infrastructure development, political stability, a business-friendly tax code, and attractive incentives.

Seminar Presenter:
Judy Kruger –
PRA Global


In the 27-minute seminar, produced by and, Kruger describes the Cuban labor force as the highest educated in Latin America, with more than 80% of college-age Cubans in 2011 enrolled in postsecondary education. With monthly wages averaging $20, Cubans are eager for higher salaries. Logistics infrastructure that is critical to meet expectations for new business has been developed, including a new port and highway. However, internet for business commerce in Cuba is sorely lacking, and may be viewed as yet another business opportunity for U.S. companies. The remaining three driving factors for Foreign Direct Investment in Cuba – political stability, a business-friendly tax code, and attractive incentives – are unknown and represent a risk that should be balanced against potentially profitable investment opportunities. Kruger provides insight into each of these factors.

Kruger provides consulting with U.S. companies on growth strategies in Europe, Asia, South and Central America. She was formerly with Grupo Prodensa, a firm headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico and as VP of Operations, she developed maquilas or shelter companies in all regions of Mexico. PRA Global drives growth through targeted sales, distribution, and full start-up services in Europe, Asia, South and Central America.