Innovations in China Customs and International Trade


Take advantage of China’s new trade facilitation measures and save time and cost when importing and exporting. Learn about these reforms and benchmark your operational performance and strategic priorities against other foreign -invested companies and industry best-practice in China by listening to and’s 55-minute complimentary seminar presented by Mr. Damon Paling, Partner, PwC, Shanghai office of PwC.

Seminar Presenter:
Damon Paling –
PwC – Shanghai China


Mr. Paling has over 17 years’ experience in Asia, including 11 in China on trade compliance, business models, and dispute resolution.

In the seminar, Mr. Paling details China’s recently piloted trade facilitation reforms and how they can improve companies’ supply-chain efficiency. Topics presented in the seminar include the latest information on China’s tariff measures, non-tariff measures, customs audit and investigation, bonded manufacturing and trade facilitation. A benchmarking survey report is provided which will assist you in measuring performance, developing strategies, and attaining best practices in your cross-border operations.

Mr. Paling concludes that 2014 was a positive year in China, as new trade facilitation measures were introduced by Customs and Commodity Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) against a backdrop of softening import/export trade flows. He forecasts that in 2015, challenges at the border and post-importation audits and investigations are likely to continue, while CIQ will continue to implement new trade facilitation measures throughout China that can save time and cost when importing and exporting.