Managing Retirement and Risk Management for International Mobile Employees

International benefit and mobility managers can learn more about developing a good governance framework to manage the retirement and risk benefits of internationally mobile employees by watching the On Demand Seminar, ‘Managing Retirement and Risk Benefits for Mobile Employees’. The seminar is presented by two principal consultants at Aon Hewitt in London, Ms. Issiah Sakhabuth from the International Retirement & Investment Practice, and Ms. Linda Beavis from the Global Benefits Practice.

Seminar Presenter:
Issiah H Sakhabuth –
Aon Hewitt International Retirement and Investment


Organizations are increasingly using Internationally Mobile Employees (IMEs) to support international growth and to enhance corporate oversight. However, managing retirement and risk benefits for IMEs has become increasingly complex – there is now an increased focus on compliance, cost management and providing a reward package that is competitive.

In the 32-minute seminar, produced by and, Ms. Sakhabuth and Ms. Beavis point out the many challenges companies face when managing IME retirement and risk benefits. They present how to develop a global retirement and risk framework aimed at improving the management of benefits offered to IMEs and establishing an organization as an employer of choice. They believe that by having such a governance framework
• reduces the risk of assignment failure and the cost of mobility,
• provides full support to IMEs covering tax, relocation, and employee benefits – and,
• ultimately uses internal resources more efficiently.

The Aon Hewitt consultants also present a couple of case studies to illustrate how the governance framework can be used to manage health care for IMEs and to help IMEs better understand and manage their retirement and risk benefits.

Issiah Sakhabuth currently leads Aon Hewitt’s Mobility Services from the International Retirement and Investment Practice based in London. She has more than 13 years’ experience in providing advice on the international impact of employee benefit arrangements. Linda Beavis manages the UK Global Benefits Centre of Excellence and has more than 20 years’ experience in the employee benefits industry in both the insurer and the intermediary markets.

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