Doing business in Mexico: how to understand and mitigate the risks of fraud, corruption and security


Learn how to reduce fraud, corruption and security risk when doing business in Mexico by watching Fernando Cevallos’ On-Demand Seminar, “Doing Business in Mexico: Mitigating the Risks of Fraud, Corruption and Security”.

Seminar Presenter:
Fernando Cevallos –
Control Risks – Mexico


In the 40-minute seminar, produced by and, Cevallos presents current and historical geographic maps of security risks, and he points out the locations where threats are greatest. He also details the unique security risks prevalent in 8 specific industries, including automotive. Cevallos’ descriptions of security incidences from his experience alert business professionals to measures which can be taken to reduce risk. Also identified in the seminar are the basic elements of a compliance program, including Tone at the Top, Risk Assessment, Design and Control of Key Controls, Monitoring and Response and Remediation, which can all reduce risk.

Fernando Cevallos is based in Mexico City and leads Control Risks’ Compliance, Forensics & Intelligence for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Cevallos has over 16 years of experience in risk consultancy.