Optimizing Your Financial Supply Chain in Asia


Learn how optimizing your financial supply chain can be a competitive advantage when doing business in Asia. Watch this 22- minute On-Demand Seminar, “Optimizing Your Financial Supply Chain in Asia”*, presented by Mr. Eugene Buckley, Vice President and General Manager Asia Pacific, PrimeRevenue, Inc., produced by GlobalBusinessProfessor.com and GlobalAutoIndustry.com.

Seminar Presenter:
Eugene Buckley – ebuckley@primerevenue.com
VP & GM Asia Pacific
PrimeRevenue, Inc.


In the seminar, Mr. Buckley identifies and defines 3 critical elements of a successful supply chain finance program: Internal Alignment, Supply Chain Analytics and Supplier Engagement.

Mr. Buckley explains that supply chain finance has become an accepted business solution in Asia where there is enormous demand for working capital to fund infrastructure and the growing economy.

Many Asian companies look for supply chain financing for a competitive financing rate so they can free up working capital to cope with their rapid pace of growth. Mr. Buckley states that well planned supply chain finance will optimize your working capital, as well as the working capital of your suppliers.

In the seminar, Mr. Buckley also presents available finance solutions, including multi-funder platforms and proprietary platforms.