Mexico’s Automotive Supply Chain and Opportunities for Suppliers’s latest Audio Interview, “Mexico’s Automotive Supply Chain and Opportunities for Suppliers”, features Ms. Alba Peña, VP Sourcing & Supply Chain for Grupo Prodensa. In the 11-minute interview, Ms. Pena describes the status of the automotive supply chain in Mexico today. Ms. Pena identifies the gaps in the supply chain, the types of quality controls Mexico suppliers implement, the suppliers’ capacity to take on more U.S. projects, and which commodities will provide more competitive advantage vs. world costs.

Audio Interview Guest
Alba Pena –
VP, Sourcing & Supply Chain
Grupo Prodensa

With over 17 years of experience developing the Supply Chain for foreign investment companies within Mexico, Ms. Pena has a very strong export, marketing, and sourcing background. She administers significant annual spends on a broad variety of raw materials and commodities. Ms. Pena has been a partner of Grupo Prodensa since 2009. The company was founded in 1985 by Armando Charles, a pioneer in promoting foreign investment in the northeast “second border” of Mexico. Grupo Prodensa was the first company of its kind in the region to provide start-up and shelter services to foreign companies moving into the area.