Key Factors Affecting Industrial Cyber Security Globally’s latest Audio Interview, “Key Factors Affecting Industrial Cyber Security Globally”, features Scott Phillips, President & Founder of Connected Factory Global. In the 12-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Phillips describes the key differences affecting Industrial Control System Cyber Security between North America, Europe and Asia. In addition, he also addresses cyber security relative to industrial control systems (ICS), why ICS cyber security is important to manufacturers, which cyber security threats are most relevant to manufacturing industrial control systems, what technologies and solutions are available to address ICS cyber security threats and who the organizations are which provide solutions to mitigate ICS cyber security threats.

Audio Interview Guest
Scott Phillips –
President & Founder
Connected Factory Global

Scott is a veteran of product innovation, business development, marketing strategy and entrepreneurship. Connected Factory Global is a market research and consulting firm which focuses exclusively on the Industrial Internet of Things including technology trends, market applications and the evolving industry ecosystem.  Connected Factory Global targets the small to medium sized company to understand what they should be thinking about to prepare for the digital transformation of manufacturing and related businesses.

Research Reports and Debriefings

Today’s global manufacturing landscape is changing rapidly as our factories become more connected around the world. With the rise of the Internet of Things, opportunities for businesses are tremendous, but challenges also exist as manufacturers race to understand and adapt to this latest industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0.

To help companies better understand the changes ahead, Connected Factory Global, in partnership with Automation Alley, is conducting quarterly research reports on critical topics related to the larger domain of the Industrial Internet of Things. These quarterly reports will provide rich content with solutions to new and trending manufacturing issues. Gain valuable insights with real life application, all designed for you to take action on the factory floor!
Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems – July 22
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