The China Automotive Aftermarket: Trends and Opportunities’s latest Audio Interview, “The China Automotive Aftermarket: Trends and Opportunities”, features Keith Lomason, China automotive aftermarket expert. In the 9-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Lomason describes the current state of the Chinese automotive aftermarket. In addition, he provides insights into where he sees the opportunities for foreign companies, and views on potential problems for Western companies seeking to do business in the Chinese aftermarket. Additionally, he provides recommendations for companies exploring and/or entering the China market.


Audio Interview Guest:
Keith Lomason
Skype: keithlomason
Phone: +86 1390 171 2880


Keith’s positive attitude as well as his awareness, acceptance, and navigation of cultural differences continue to improve – even after 20 years overseas, 30 years in the auto industry, and 35 years in the job market. While the opportunities are different, the challenges and excitement of working in the auto industry in China remain strong.

As a Chinese Linguist for the US Marine Corps in the early 80’s, Keith developed an affinity and excitement for what was happening in China, and eventually found his way back in the mid-1990’s. Since 1985, Keith has been in the automotive industry, and has been working in China since 1996. Working his way through budgeting, quality, material control, shop floor management and general management positions between 1985 and 1995 in the US, Keith was well positioned to establish a 50/50 JV in Shanghai in 1996 and managing that JV through 2004. From 2004 to 2009, Keith played an instrumental role as Director of Business Development for Magna International, guiding all 10 product groups through their China market entry strategies. Managing services and data companies, as well as providing consulting and the occasional recruiting service to both international and Chinese automotive companies is how Keith has stayed busy over the last 7 years.

Everyone knows China has the largest auto industry in the world, but many of them don’t yet understand the opportunities coming at us from aftermarket activities or the international ambitions of local companies being born out of domestic success. Strategy development for these segments is what excites and motivates him today.

Mr. Lomason earned a Masters of Business Administration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; is a Certified Professional Coach, Center for Coaching Certification (IFC approved); and Certified Foreign Expert, PRC State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs