Expanding Your Business Through Global Trade Shows


Learn how global trade shows can expand your business by listening to this Audio Interview with Mr. Dirk Ebener, CEO, Global CIF.  GlobalBusinessProfessor.com and GlobalAutoIndustry.com today released this 10-minute interview which details the benefits and challenges small and midsize businesses experience and how to be successful when participating in global trade shows.

Mr. Ebener discusses differences between global trade shows and U.S. trade shows, how to find the best trade show, the length of advance planning time required, and organizations which can help small and midsize companies get started.

Audio Interview Guest
Dirk Ebener – dirkebener@globalcif.com
Global CIF

Mr. Ebener emphasizes that global trade shows offer a terrific platform to improve the visibility of your company and product and a great opportunity to actually put product into buyers’ hands.

Global CIF is a Marietta, Georgia, based international business consulting firm which offers business solutions to small, midsize and start-up companies. Mr. Ebener has over 20 years’ experience in the Global Trade Show business.