Bridging Cultures to Drive Performance in a Globalized Economy’s latest Audio Interview, “Bridging Cultures to Drive Performance in a Globalized Economy,” features Sam Yankelevitch, CEO, Xpress Lingo Solutions.  In the 6-minute interview, Yankelevitch explains how culture and lean communications affect cross-border company communications and supply chains.

Yankelevitch discusses why companies need to pay more attention to the topic; how unneeded costs can be avoided; discussion points on how to reduce potentially negative impacts of culture topics; and how to take the first steps in approaching intercultural skills as part of day-to-day work. Yankelevitch also points out that just as in the manufacturing process, variance in human interactions adds waste to getting things done.  By standardizing things like language and culture through agreements, he believes that some of the variance can be reduced or removed.

Yankelevitch is an author, trainer, and conference speaker and for more than 30 years has interacted with global manufacturers and distributors in automotive supply chain operations.  He is the author of Lean Potion #9 – Communication: The Next Lean Frontier, which offer solutions for waste in global supply chains.   His upcoming book Global Lean: Seeing The New Waste Rooted in Communication, Distance and Culture is due out November 2016 published by CRC- Productivity Press.


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Sam Yankelevitch


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