Leading Virtual Teams Across Borders


Learn strategies for how your cross border teams can best collaborate when working in the virtual space by watching the On-Demand Seminar, “Leading Virtual Teams”, presented by Eugene Piccinini, Director and Lead Consultant of A Silver Lining.

Seminar Presenter:
Eugene Piccinini – epiccinini@a-silver-lining.com
Director and Lead Consultant
A Silver Lining


In the 27-minute seminar, produced by GlobalBusinessProfessor.com and GlobalAutoIndustry.com, Piccinini presents detailed recommendations to achieve cross cultural effectiveness for virtual teams. He describes the benefits of a SWOT analysis and gives specific recommendations for building trust, running effective virtual meetings, achieving effective communication, creating team alignment, establishing alignment markers, understanding culture and motivating the remote workforce.

Piccinini has over 20 years’ experience facilitating and designing a wide range of interventions in over 20 countries. Piccinini focuses on the global, virtual world and has managed multiple teams on international assignments.