Maintaining Brand Relevance in a Rapidly Changing Global Auto Industry’s latest Audio Interview “Maintaining Brand Relevance in a Rapidly Changing Global Automotive Industry” features Chris Bowers, Managing Director of UK-based CMB Automotive Marketing Ltd. Mr. Bowers is a global automotive marketing and communications expert. CMB is a UK-based company, with international offices in Detroit.

About Interview Guest
Mr. Chris Bowers, Managing Director
CMB Automotive Marketing Ltd.
Phone U.S.: +1.248.817.8848
Phone UK: +44 (0) 1604 264663

In the 12-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Bowers discusses these questions:

• What are the key changes affecting the global automotive industry and how is branding relevant to these changes?
• Why is it so important for companies to develop their brands in-line with the changing industry?
• Is this the same for all countries and regions?
• How does an auto company’s brand make so much difference?
• How does a company know when it’s time to invest in branding?

About Chris Bowers:
Managing Director, CMB Automotive Marketing Ltd.

Chris is a marketing and creative professional with considerable experience in the automotive and high performance technology industries. Working in international markets, he offers a global view point, with creative thinking, on brand development and commercially focused marketing communications. He has driven successful campaigns for a wide range of automotive clients, including major global brands, where his creative, yet pragmatic approach has delivered outstanding results. Born and raised in Detroit and now living in the UK, Chris has extensive experience in US and European automotive markets.

About CMB Automotive Marketing Ltd.
CMB is a marketing and creative team focused specifically on the automotive supply chain, aftermarket and high performance technology sectors. We develop strategy, deliver content and creative that connects you with your customers, builds your brand and drives new business opportunities. In short, we deliver high-performing marketing to a high-performance industry.

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