Mexico: Challenges and Opportunities for Domestic and International Transportation’s latest OnDemand Seminar, “Mexico Challenges and Opportunities for Domestic & International Transportation”, features Mr. Ramiro Luviano, Commercial Director of SCP Supply Chain Professionals. In the 26-minute seminar presentation, Mr. Luviano describes the status of the logistics and transportation systems in Mexico today.

Mr. Luviano reviews key points of Mexico and US regulations for the domestic and international transportation market (insurance, vehicle inspection, weights and dimensions regulations, certifications, etc.) the differences between both countries as well as the challenges and opportunities that can be presented to users and transportation carriers in general.

Additionally, he discusses important challenges and opportunities such as Strategic, legal and operational elements for the Risk and Logistics Management applied to your own operating system; Generate business value by increasing profitability through the use of indicators and monitoring operational and financial performance; Know how influence the normativity in Mexico and the United States in your Trucking & Logistics operation; Understand the challenges and opportunities presented to you on the current market situation in Mexico and the United States in your logistics operation for transportation domestic and international; and how to identify, recognize and resolve opportunity areas and blind spots for logistics management.

Mr. Luviano has over 15 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, with specialization in NAFTA and Mexico supply chain experience.

Expert Presenter
Ramiro Luviano –
Commercial Director
SCP Supply Chain Professionals