Latin America: 7 Compliance Challenges and how to overcome them

Scandals. Whistleblower cases. Leniency agreements.

With the continued establishment of new trade accords and the introduction of new regulatory frameworks across Latin America in recent years, the business and investment landscape in the region has never been more active. Investors from every industry and markets from around the world continue to look at Latin America as a destination for growing their operations and reaching a new customer base – but with governments driving efforts to curb corrupt practices, multinational companies operating in in the region must take a hard look at what they are doing to prevent, detect and respond to corporate misconduct.

As today’s headlines demonstrate, governing bodies throughout Latin America have ushered in a new era of accountability for businesses by enacting new anticorruption laws and boosting local enforcement, creating greater compliance risk for companies doing business in the region. And as the compliance standards continue to evolve across the region’s leading economies, successfully navigating the historical, cultural and institutional factors that have shaped local markets can be a challenge.

Our spotlight report on the top compliance challenges faced by businesses in Latin America provides the insight and guidance needed to overcome them when looking to capitalize on the opportunities found throughout the region.

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Source: Baker & McKenzieGAI