Assessing and Analyzing the Risks of Global Sourcing

Manufacturing companies can learn how to decrease costs and improve their bottom line by watching Jeoff Burris’ On-Demand Seminar, “Assessing and Analyzing the Risks of Global Sourcing”.

In the 25-minute seminar, Mr. Burris presents strategies organizations can use to work with manufacturing companies to save substantial amounts of money in procurement areas by implementing best procurement practices and optimizing purchasing decisions.

In the video Mr. Burris explores a poor purchasing decision involving cross-country purchases and he provides an analysis framework for evaluating currency and inflation risks.

Expert Presenter
Jeoff Burris, CEO
APD – Advanced Purchasing Dynamics


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Viewers will gain an understanding of how inflation, productivity, and foreign exchange can change the competitiveness of supplier quotes over time, as well as learn which countries provide the least short and long term risks when importing to the U.S.  Finally, viewers will learn how to analyze risks on a specific sourcing decision. An excel-based takeaway tool is presented, which can be used for future analysis.

Jeoff Burris, Owner and Principal of Advanced Purchasing Dynamics, has more than twenty years of specialized experience in manufacturing. He is a purchasing expert who possesses the detailed knowledge necessary to transform an underperforming organization into a world-class leader. Burris has experience leading purchasing staffs at Ford Motor Company, Metaldyne and Intier Automotive Seating.