International Implications of Employee Handbooks


The top 10 items which should be included in all employee handbooks are detailed in the recently released On Demand Seminar, “International Implications of Employee Handbooks”, presented by Clifford L. Hammond, Partner with Nemeth Law, P.C.

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Clifford Hammond –
Senior Attorney
Nemeth Law, P.C.

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The seminar, produced by and, is applicable to all companies with employee handbooks, and specifically addresses issues concerning the international automotive industry. Mr. Hammond asserts that as the workplace becomes more technologically advanced, the employee handbook is even more important to doing business. He states that the handbook is designed to inform employees of the employers’ expectations, comply with all laws and customs of each country where the company has employees, and ensure that the company does not miss any opportunities. Mr. Hammond discusses how intellectual property should be addressed in the handbook to protect confidential design strategies and trade secrets and he recommends the most effective use of the handbook to ensure its validity and reliability.