Best Practices for Employers to Retain Foreign Workers – An Immigration Overview


Learn how to retain foreign workers for temporary employment in the U.S by watching  the On-Demand Seminar, “Best Practices for Employers to Retain Foreign Workers – An Immigration Overview”, presented by Rebecca A. Mancini and Sarah A. Robison, Attorneys at Law with Miller Canfield.

Expert Presenters
Rebecca A. Mancini, Attorney –
Sarah A. Robison, Attorney –
Miller Canfield

In this 38-minute seminar, produced by and, Mancini and Robison present critical Best Practices in employer-based immigration law. The seminar thoroughly explains the many aspects of Inbound Immigration. Mancini and Robison state that the benefits of implementing best practices in immigration are numerous and include improved strategic decision-making and planning, planning toward maximum periods of stay, preventing lapses in employment authorization, avoiding claims of disparate treatment and budgeting. Best practices for termination of employees are also presented, which can help to determine legal obligations and avoid potential exposure to liability. Finally, best practices to ensure I-9 compliance and how to prepare for formal inspections by government agencies are presented. Six government immigration agencies and six essential immigration documents are thoroughly reviewed.

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