The State of New Mobility – A Global Perspective’s latest Audio Interview, “The State of New Mobility – A Global Perspective” features Brian Collie. Collie is Senior Partner and Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Global Leader, Automotive & Mobility Sector.

In the 24-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Collie discusses these questions:
• Billions of dollars are being invested in new mobility but after 18-24 months of tremendous hype, it seems expectations are being tempered somewhat, as we look ahead to 2030, will the promise of new mobility hold true?
• How do you bridge that still bullish view with the recent concerns expressed that the technology is not ready or L5 will be too hard?
• Beyond the technology and costs, what do you see as the greatest barriers to making the promise of new mobility a reality?
• Are you confident we can get the public and private sector to collaborate in the way needed?
• What advice would you offer executives on how best to navigate these turbulent times ahead?

About Interview Guest
Mr. Brian Collie
Senior Partner and Managing Director, and
Global Leader, Automotive & Mobility Sector
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

About Brian Collie:
Brian Collie is a senior partner and managing director at Boston Consulting Group, where he is the Global lead for the Automotive & Mobility sector. He is also a core member of the Industrial Goods, Operations, Strategy, and Global Advantage practices.

Brian specializes in working with automotive manufacturers and suppliers on a broad range of strategy, operations, and organizational topics. He is an expert on new mobility and passionate about the potential for the convergence of sharing, autonomous technologies, and electrification to change the world. Brian previously served as co-lead of BCG’s support of the World Economic Forum initiative on Future of Urban & Autonomous Mobility. Presently he serves as a member of the Chicago Taskforce on the Future of Transportation and Mobility.

Over the course of his career Brian has led dozens of large scale transformation and growth efforts where he has helped clients in North America, Europe, China, India, and Latin America to define the strategic agenda and build the capabilities needed to deliver step change growth and maximize shareholder return.