Intercultural Business Skills in India


Global Business Professor’s latest Audio Interview, “Intercultural Business Skills in India” features Rashmi Kapse. Ms. Kapse is a consultant at Berlitz and has been working with Berlitz for one year.

In the 10-minute Audio Interview, Ms. Kapse discusses and answers these questions:

  1. What are the key aspects that one should focus on at minimum while doing business with India?
  2. How important is relationship in building trust?
  3. Can you suggest a few topics for conversations that can lead to building relationship?
  4. What would you say is the style of communication in India? How according to you is it perceived by the foreigners working with India?
  5. What strategies would you suggest to effectively communicate with Indian counterparts?
  6. What would you say is the decision making process in India?

About Interview Guest
Ms. Rashmi Kapse, Consultant

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About Rashmi Kapse
Dr. Rashmi Kapse is a Senior Intercultural Consultant. She coaches senior executives and managers for success in both international assignments and in managing intercultural, global teams. She has facilitated both face-to-face and virtual programs for clients in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, information technology, and financial industries. As a Country Specialist for India and USA, she provides personal and business anecdotes. She has helped several organizations with India entry to manage working with and negotiating with Indian colleagues and clients and for Indian organizations establishing themselves in the US. Along with the group training for global teams and mobility training for adults she also does youth programs with a very creative approach.
Dr. Kapse has over 22 years of experience working in India and the USA. After earning her PhD in India and spending 2 years in the UK doing research, she moved to the USA in 1998.
She has led information technology firms in sales, training and resource management. She was recruited for employee relations, which resulted in higher retention within the company. As she managed a team of on- site and off-shore colleagues, she further developed an interest in cross-cultural training.

For 5 years, Dr. Kapse lived in India to work as a cross-cultural trainer. During this time, she trained local expats on Indian/Business culture also trained Indian Nationals on working with the US. She worked particularly with Japanese expats in India and with Indian expats leaving for/working in Japan and US. During her seminars/lectures, she has created modules which focuses on soft skills, particularly that of confidence-building and communication. For the International Schools in India she has developed workshops for teacher training programs on “Integrated approach to help children learn” that focuses on multiple intelligences and its interpretation. At Lee Hecht Harrison, Dr. Kapse worked as a Consultant and Senior Trainer of Behavioral and Stress Management trainings. Dr. Kapse’s core strength has been in helping global virtual teams improve productivity by avoiding misunderstandings through effective cross cultural communication. She is currently based in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.