Mexico Automotive: Bridging Cultures to Drive Performance


As part of staying competitive in the automotive sector many OEMs have established operations south of the border, in Mexico. Tier1s and Tier 2s are now following the path to that country in order to support the needs of a very fast and complex supply chain.

Seminar Presenter:
Sam Yankelevitch

In an industry where every second counts, it makes sense to look for any threat or opportunity that can impact quality, delivery or cost. Culture can be either.

While most of the efforts focus on technical issues, for process and product, knowing how to structure excellent relationships with Mexican managers, supervisors and front line operators requires knowledge of the cultural similarities and differences.

This 20 minute webinar provides some basic knowledge and a brief summary of cultural aspects associated with our southern neighbors.

Sam Yankelevitch, the presenter has over 30 years’ operations and supply chain experience with Mexico, many of those in the automotive sector.

WORKSHOP – June 17 in Troy, MI (USA)
“Mexico: Bridging Cultures in Automotive Supply Chain Management to Drive Performance”
By Sam Yankelevitch
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