IP Challenges for Automotive Suppliers in China


Global Business Professor’s latest Audio Interview, “IP Challenges for Automotive Suppliers in China” features Dan Harris, an international lawyer who helps Western companies navigate Asia’s laws.  Mr. Harris is a founder of Harris Bricken, an international law firm with offices in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco Beijing and Barcelona.

In the 16-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Harris discusses and answers these questions:

  1. What are the big issues you are seeing with China and the automotive world?
  2. What sort of companies want these technologies and from whom?
  3. What sort of deals do the Chinese companies usually propose and what should the foreign companies do in response?
  4. And what should they be doing at this point?
  5. Are the IP registrations in place and a signed NNN Agreement enough to make it safe to turn over the IP?
  6. What sort of deals do you prefer? Do the Chinese companies go for these licensing deals?
  7. How do you ensure your client will get paid the ten million dollars?
  8. And addresses the difficulties of getting money from Chinese companies.

Audio Interview Guest
Mr. Dan Harris
Founder and Managing Partner
Harris Bricken LLP

About Dan Harris

Dan is the founder and managing partner of Harris Bricken LLP, an international law firm with lawyers in the United States, China and Spain. Dan’s practice focuses mostly on helping Western companies navigate China. Dan is the co-editor of the multiple award-winning China Law Blog (www.chinalawblog.com).