Blueprint to Dominating The EV Market’s latest OnDemand Seminar (webinar), “Blueprint to Dominating The EV Market” features Franklin Foulger. Franklin is Sr. Director Supply Chain and Operations with Tada Cognitive Solutions. Franklin has worked extensively in Automotive, Heavy Machinery and Electronics Manufacturing for the past 25 plus years.

About Webinar Presentation Guest
Franklin Foulger, P.Eng.
Sr. Director: Supply Chain and Operations
Tada Cognitive Solutions

To download the Webinar presentation (PDF file), please visit here.

Webinar Agenda Topics:

  • Supply Chain Methodologies and Value Drivers
  • How steep demand constraints the automotive supply chain
  • How to collaborate and build relationships across your supply base to alleviate supply chain risks
  • ESG impacts and improvements across the EV value chain
  • The power of connected assets for predictive analytics, ML/AI for parts, service and inventory planning

About Franklin Foulger, P.Eng.
Sr. Director: Supply Chain and Operations, Tada Cognitive Solutions

Franklin has worked extensively in Automotive, Heavy Machinery and Electronics Manufacturing for the past 25 plus years. His experience spans across USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France and India. The key functions he has led are in Industrial Engineering management, global engineering teams’ management, change management, factory optimization, design for assembly/manufacturing, value engineering, material flow optimization, contingency and risk planning, constraint management and supply chain management.

Over the years, he has been able to lead global teams to deliver:
• Operations Transformations resulting in sustainable savings of over $150M
• Business Transformations to grow sales, reduce resources / CAPEX needs, with an impact of over $280M in accrued benefits.
• High velocity, 24 hours coverage, Engineering Services teams created, grown in the magnitude of over 400 FTE, to deliver 5X cost benefits and 4X improvement in velocity of executing factory, supply chain initiatives and programs
• Digital Transformations that resulted in 50% improvement in efficiency and 100% visibility to risks and constraints across the entire value chain
• Cultural, Diversity Integrations to improvement Employee engagements of over 40 % (Engagement scores)

His moto is “work smarter not harder” and “make data work for you and not the other way around”.
He is engaged with several social, ecological, cultural board leaderships, volunteering and activities.
He resides in Peoria, IL with his wife and two children.

Tada, is a leader in intelligent digital orchestration, transformation, and coordination. The code-free platform uses a patent-pending secure synaptic network technology to rapidly create, deploy, and manage digital duplicates (or twins) of complex ecosystems, business networks and process.
By starting with the digital DNA of the enterprise and coupling it with a company’s digital nervous system, Tada enables agile development of enterprise-wide intelligent, intuitive, and role-based applications that address business problems in real-time.

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