Voice and Intelligence For Autonomous Vehicles


GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s Global Technology Showcase Audio Interview “Voice and Intelligence for Autonomous Vehicles” features David Colleen, CEO of Silicon Valley-based SapientX, a voice enabled, AI-driven digital assistant for cars.

In the 13-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Colleen discusses:

  1. What does SapientX do?
  2. How did you get into this?
  3. Why is your system different than other voice systems?
  4. How can you compete against the tech giants?
  5. Why do you use avatars?
  6. What use cases do you support in cars?
  7. Don’t you require an internet connection?
  8. Who are you working with?
  9. Who is on your team?
  10. What are your next steps?
  11. Have you raised funds?

Audio Interview Guest:
David Colleen

Invest in SapientX:
To learn more about investing in SapientX and SeedInvest, please visit here.

About David Colleen:
David Colleen (CEO & Co-founder) is a serial AI and VR entrepreneur and software designer. In 1995 he became one of the founders of VR on the Internet leading to his forming Planet 9 Studios. In 2007, David and his team began building what is now the SapientX conversational AI platform. SapientX is a third generation conversational AI platform made to be embedded in cars, robots and consumer products.