The Past, Present and Future: Cultural Success When Conducting Business in Mexico’s latest Audio Interview “The Past, Present and Future: Cultural Success When Conducting Business in Mexico” features Ricardo Nunez. Mr. Nunez founded Detroit, Michigan-based, NEGIS Núñez Enterprises Global Intercultural Strategies, which is a hybrid learning and talent development consultancy. For over 20 years, the Company has worked with many automotive industry clients in North and Latin America, and specializes in contextualizing L&D needs through training, coaching, and consulting services.

Audio Interview Guest
Mr. Ricardo Nunez, President
NEGIS – Nunez Enterprises Global Intercultural Strategies, Inc.

In the 14-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Nunez discusses these questions:

• You’ve been supporting global organizations who built effective relationships in Mexico for over 30 years, in your opinion, what are 2 or 3 best practices that every organization should consider for optimal cultural success in Mexico?
• On that note, are there any common mistakes that organizations continue to make when conducting business in Mexico?
• There are still many unknowns in the forecast post-COVID-19, what do you think will be the impact on Mexican behavior post-COVID-19? What should be on the radar to anyone conducting business in Mexico moving forward?

About Ricardo Nunez:
Ricardo Núñez is a dynamic, energetic and thought-provoking facilitator with over 20 years of experience working closely with leading companies in North America, Latin America, Europe and APAC region. In his corporate career, Ricardo has led teams in operations, sales, public relations, business development, and customer service in Mexico, USA, and India.

As a facilitator, Ricardo develops and delivers group and individual training programs along with providing consulting services that help optimize relationships, improve communication, and excel business practices in the global arena. Ricardo’s facilitation and consulting skills have prepared corporate executives, managers, and individual contributors to become more successful in global and cross-functional environments by providing resources to both overcome challenges and develop a better understanding of opportunities presented by working in a global leadership role.

Ricardo’s programs have covered a wide range of subjects including Global Leadership Development, Organizational and Talent Development, Cross-Cultural and Crossfunctional Business and Social Practices, Working Effectively with Diversity and Inclusion, Intercultural Communication Challenges and Strategies, Effective Global Team Building, Leading Change, Conflict Management, and Successful Cross-Cultural Communication Skills to name a few.

Ricardo’s experience dealing with global markets includes collaborating as both a business and intercultural liaison with organizations in public and private sectors dealing with multinational markets. In addition, he has participated in multiple research projects focusing on understanding and raising awareness of the values, needs and opportunities, as well as the impact of globalization on Latin American communities in the U.S. Ricardo has also developed and conducted extensive training programs for global audiences, promoting a better understanding of the Latin American culture, markets, and business practices.

Ricardo has facilitated training in Asia, Europe, North America, Central and South America to more than 100 organizations in a wide diversity of industries including technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, mining, energy, among others. He can facilitate in Spanish, English, or both simultaneously.

Ricardo has also been a board member of several non-profit organizations focused on promoting leadership development at all levels, making leadership reachable to those in need, and leading collaboration projects that have a positive impact in the community. He is a regular speaker and panelist working in schools and government institutions to promote understanding of Latin American values and effective business relationships with Latin America.

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