Mexico Site Selection for Automotive OEMs & Suppliers in 2024’s latest Audio Interview “Mexico Site Selection for Automotive OEMs & Suppliers in 2024” features Gary Swedback. Mr. Swedback is CEO of NAI Mexico and NAI PanAmericas, part of the NAI Global network, a leading industrial and commercial real estate firm. NAIMexico operates 25 offices across Mexico and Latin America, and works with many global customers, including those in the auto industry. Gary is a sought-after speaker on Mexico & Latin America industry and business issues.

Audio Interview Guest:
Mr. Gary Swedback, CEO
NAI Mexico and NAI PanAmericas

“Mexico’s Nearshoring Auto Industry Summit”
On June 13-14 in San Luis Potosi, SLP. To learn more or to register, visit here.

In the 22-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Swedback discusses these questions:

• Why are foreign automotive companies locating operations in Mexico, and what are the most important issues they need to know about?
• How has the USMCA impacted automotive companies seeking to enter Mexico?
• Could you provide us an overview of the main automotive centers in Mexico—and advise if locations are changing?
• Are you seeing impact yet from the Chips Act for Semiconductors and Artificial Intelligence initiatives toward new investment in Mexico?
• What should our listeners know about availability of industrial real estate across the country —as of Q2 2024?

About Gary Swedback:
CEO, NAIMexico and NAIPanAmericas

As CEO of NAI Mexico, Mr. Swedback manages all 25 NAI Mexico offices. As a commercial real estate specialist in Mexico for over +25 years he has personally completed over 500 transactions, including land sales, facility leases, and build to suit construction. NAI Mexico and NAI NAFTA offices have completed over 50 million square feet of office, retail, and industrial transactions. He and his teams specialize in owner representation, multi-market analysis and feasibility projects for global and domestic firms in Mexico.

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