Key Challenges Facing Global Talent Management Strategies’s latest Audio Interview, “Key Challenges Facing Global Talent Management Strategies” features John Brice, president of MSI Global Talent Management. Mr. Brice presents key considerations in response to emerging trends and challenges in Global Talent Management. He also illuminates the distinction between Global Mindset and Global Competencies and he offers advice on how companies can create an effective talent management program.

Mr. Brice will be speaking at the “Global Expansion and Readiness” Breakfast Briefing which will address the question of “Is HR, Finance, Tax and Talent Ready?” The Briefing will take place at Automation Alley Headquarters in Troy, MI on Thursday, June 2, from 8:30 am – 11:00 am. To register for the workshop click here.

Audio Interview Guest
John Brice –
MSI Global Talent Management

Phone +1.603.274.9188

John Brice provides strategic human capital solutions to clients around the world, primarily in the fields of global leadership development, global organizational development and global talent acquisition.  MSI Global Talent Management is a global talent management consultancy and subsidiary of MSI Global Talent Solutions. It helps organizations strategize and execute programs for assessing, developing and mobilizing their key talent worldwide.