Insights on Mexico Industrial Real Estate: Focus on Four Key Automotive Regions’s latest Audio Interview “Insights on Mexico Industrial Real Estate: Focus on Four Key Automotive Regions” features Sara Ramos-MacFarland, Edgardo Hernandez, Marush Sepulveda and Fernanda Martinez. Each of them are industrial real estate experts, and each are Regional Directors with NAI Mexico. Sara serves the Reynosa region, Edgardo serves the Northeast Region, Marush serves the North Central Region, and Fernanda serves the Bajio Region. NAI Mexico, part of the NAI Global network, is a leading industrial and commercial real estate firm, and operates 25 offices across Mexico, and works with global customers, including many in the automotive industry.

Audio Interview Guests:
Ms. Sara Ramos-MacFarland, Regional Director – Reynosa Region
Mr. Edgardo Hernandez, Regional Director, Northeast Region
Ms. Marush Sepulveda, Regional Director, North Central Region
Ms. Fernanda Martinez, Regional Director, Bajio Region
NAI Mexico

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In the 14-minute Audio Interview, the 4 industrial real estate experts discuss these two questions for their regions in Mexico:

• What is the latest news, or what are recent trends regarding industrial & commercial real estate in your region?
• How do you see the automotive industry’s impact on the local industrial real estate market in your region?

About Our 4 Guest Experts:
Regional Directors, NAI Mexico

Sara Ramos-MacFarland, Regional Director – Reynosa Region

Ms. Ramos-MacFarland has an international business background. She joined NAI Mexico in 2005, since then, she has been a constant leader in the industrial market in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Her 16+ year experience in the real estate discipline in Northeast Mexico has allowed her to become a great project strategist and advisor for global and domestic firms establishing operations alongside the border of NE Mexico with the United States, projects include tenant representation, landlord/owner representation, build-to-suit projects, industrial park management, and acquisition/disposition of assets.

Sara has also been part of site selection process’ targeting Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, and Vietnam for the Oil Industry.

In 2010 she became part of the Corporate Solutions team of NAI Mexico – extending her work to the North West submarkets in Mexico and remaining lead broker for the Tamaulipas sales team.

Destination markets in Tamaulipas: Reynosa, Matamoros, and Nuevo Laredo.

Edgardo Hernandez, Regional Director – Northeast Region

Mr. Hernandez is based in Monterrey/Saltillo, North East Mexico region. Through his 11 years representing global firms in Mexico, Mr. Hernandez offers senior transaction, advisory, investment and project management experience to support every client requirement.

Edgardo co-leads a senior 5 member team, with an average experience level of 12 years per person. The team delivers integrated planning and implementation for industrial, retail, and office services.

Edgardo’s real estate practice includes fully integrated industrial real estate solutions, including:
Tenant Representation, Agency Representation, Build-To- Suit transactions, Project Bid Management, Financial Analysis and Valuation Services. His experience includes aerospace, automotive, medical device, electronics and all industrial sectors, often with Fortune 100 firms.

Marush Sepulveda, Regional Director – North Central Region

Ms. Sepulveda holds an MBA in International Business and brings more than 23 years experience supporting global clients’ needs through her international experience working as shelter operator, national industrial developer, and recently with Cushman & Wakefield. She will manage NAI regional activities in North Central Mexico, with special focus in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua City.

Marush’s special skill set enables her team to provide strategic planning, project management and transaction support to companies from USA, Europe, and Asia. Her relationships with prominent local and international developers enable global clients to launch or expand Mexican operations efficiently and minimize risk.

Marush is integrating into NAI Mexico’s 12 office platform, to advise global firms to effectively analyze the full country of Mexico and compare locations and resources within metro areas such as Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua.

Fernanda Martinez, Regional Director – Bajio Region

Ms. Martinez is the Regional Manager for the Bajio Region offices; she oversees projects in Queretaro, San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato.

She specializes in Industrial Real Estate planning, acquisition and sales. The planning includes comparing existing operations in Mexico vs. other global locations. She is experienced in all facets of tenant/buyer and owner representation.

As a commercial real estate broker in Mexico, she has completed land sales, facility lease and build to suit transactions in North and Central Mexico.

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