Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico


As one of the fastest growing destinations for automotive and aerospace original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers, Mr. Don Harris, President, Amerris Consulting, considers Mexico truly a land of opportunity. In his recently recorded Audio Interview, Harris shares his insights to help professionals understand what doing business in Mexico is all about and how to navigate the many available investment opportunities.

In the 28-minute Audio Interview, “Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico”, produced by and, Harris highlights the current “hot” industries for Foreign Direct Investment and specifies their geographic location. He identifies the most lucrative opportunities available currently, and he describes the process and time required to set up a new company in Mexico.  Having lived and worked in Mexico for over six years, Harris also addresses the quality of life in Mexico, as well as concerns about safety and corruption. Professionals can benefit from Harris’ practical, up-to-date knowledge of doing business in Mexico by listening to this insightful Audio Interview.

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Don Harris
Amerris Consulting LLC
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For nearly four years Mr. Donald Harris served in key leadership roles for an American Tier 1 chemical management services provider to the automotive and aerospace sectors in Mexico. He formed Amerris Consulting, LLC, located in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, to help small to mid-sized organizations take full advantage of the myriad business opportunities in Mexico.