Expert Outlines an Approach to Improving Intercultural Management Skills

When given specific cultural training, global managers can develop the skills needed to interact effectively and productively in the global workplace. In the On Demand Seminar, “Why Culture Matters When Doing Business Globally: It’s Not Just the Do’s and Don’ts”, Barbara Boldt, Principal at Dynamic Global Communication, LLC, presents an overview of how cultural competency is defined and highlights some skills that can increase managers’ ability to succeed in the complex and competitive world of global business.

In the 52-minute On Demand Seminar, produced by and, Boldt defines culture and cultural competence, and outlines the skills that can be learned so that managers can become more effective and productive. To facilitate understanding, she uses an example of an inter-cultural business negotiation that gets off to a difficult start.  During the presentation, she specifically identifies barriers to cultural competence and illustrates techniques to minimize these barriers and improve managerial effectiveness. In addition, Boldt illustrates the use of a framework tool that enables managers to compare and contrast cultures from the perspective of cultural values and beliefs.

The presentation will be of interest to anyone involved in global talent management and also to managers working with international colleagues.

Barbara Boldt is an international facilitator and educator who specializes in preparing global managers to communicate and interact successfully in the complex and competitive world of global business. An American national, Barbara lived and worked in Europe for 19 years, 11 in Italy and eight in Switzerland. Ms. Boldt is an accomplished facilitator and educator who has taught in both corporate and academic contexts in more than 15 countries in Europe and the US and who has interacted with managers and students from more than 35 countries and a variety of industries including banking, pharmaceutical, mining, telecom, power, IT and automotive. She has designed and delivered courses on topics includinginternational negotiation, multicultural team building, leadership, human resources management, intercultural competency and international business. She holds a B.A. in Nutrition from the University of Iowa and a Master of Arts in International Relations from University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA.

Source: GBPGAI