How to Approach China Alternatives: Mexico, Southeast Asia & Central Eastern Europe

Your Global Supply Chain & Manufacturing Footprint Strategy

EWA Manufacturing & Supply Chain Roundtable (hosted by East West Associates)
Thursday, April 27, 2023 | 11:00 am EST (Detroit time)

About this Webinar

Manufacturing for export and sourcing in China is becoming more difficult due to increasing labor costs, high production expenses, volatile tariffs, political tensions, as well as challenging and changing rules & regulations.

Attractive alternatives exist for relocating China supply chain & operations including Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Central/Eastern Europe.

But how do you create a coherent strategy for your global footprint?

Developing a global footprint strategy requires analyzing your goals, markets, manufacturing operations, and supply chain network. It includes identifying new manufacturing and supply venues that could maintain quality, increase efficiencies, decrease duplication, control costs, and reduce risk.

We will provide 3 real-life examples of US companies diversifying their supply chain & manufacturing to Mexico, Poland and Thailand.

The webinar discussion will focus on why corporate executives selected these 3 countries.

The Webinar is Primarily Q&A, and the Key Questions Include:

  • What questions should executives be asking in order to determine whether to diversify their supply chain & manufacturing?
  • What metrics does a company use to determine what is the best country and site location?
  • What are the costs involved in diversifying supply chain & manufacturing?
  • What are the unique challenges in Mexico, Southeast Asia & Poland?
  • What type of industry sectors are diversifying into these 3 markets?
  • What problems can we anticipate if we close our operations in China?


This webinar’s speakers are experienced in manufacturing and supply chain footprint strategy, and its implementation globally.

Mark Plum
· Former President of Briggs & Stratton Asia (NYSE: BGG)
· VP Sales & Marketing, American Standard Thailand & American Standard China

Dan McLeod
· Former Director Asia Pacific Operations-Ashland Specialty Ingredients (NYSE: ASH)
· General Manager-Eaton Corporation (Philippines)
· Director of Asia Pacific Manufacturing and Supply Chain-Hercules

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