Benefits of Global Employment Outsourcing’s latest Audio Interview, “Benefits of Global Employment Outsourcing”, features Eric Snethkamp, Global Channels & Strategy Alliances Manager of SafeGuard World International, and international human capital expert.

In the 13-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Snethkamp discusses the most daunting human capital problems a business leader faces when expanding internationally; alternative options for business leaders who understand these complexities and potential pitfalls; the benefits of Global Employment Outsourcing; comparing costs of the GEO solution to a company doing it themselves; how companies a GEO provider; and provides additional thoughts on related international human capital challenges.

Audio Interview Guest:
Global Channels & Strategic Alliances Manager
SafeGuard World International
Cell: +1-737-704-9374
Skype: Eric.Snethkamp.SGWI

About Audio Interview Guest:
Mr. Snethkamp has a background in consumer and commercial insurance, building and operating executive search recruiting practices including strategic alliances, sales and management of Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services, and building strategic alliances in the international payroll and Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) spaces.

As a partner to international M&A advisors, Mr. Snethkamp build Strategic Partnerships that help businesses quickly grow internationally with less risk. Assuming the management, risk and complexity of international employment for their clients allows them to easily sample new markets, make new acquisitions, simplify spinoffs and divestitures, bid on and win new contracts, expand their global reach and engage the best talent regardless of location.

Mr. Snethkamp’s focus is the development of Strategic Partnerships with M&A Advisors, Investment Banks, Private Equity, Venture Capital, International Recruiters, PEO’s, Payroll Companies, International Consultants and International Employee Benefits firms. Strategic Partnerships, Strategic Alliances and Channels Management are an especially good fit for their business model and have proven incredibly successful for both sides of these partnerships.