Leading the World: Israeli Start-ups Developing Smart Transportation of the Future

GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest Audio Interview, “Leading the World: Israeli Start-ups Developing Smart Transportation of the Future” features Orlie Sol Dahan, Executive Director of EcoMotion and the Israel Innovation Institute.

Audio Interview Guest
Orlie Sol Dahan, Executive Director

In the 10-minute Audio Interview, Ms. Dahan discusses these questions:

  1. What has happened in Israel that from a country with no car industry you turned into the country of innovation in mobility?
  2. What is the goal and vision of EcoMotion?
  3. What can you say about investments in the field? Is there a slow-down?
  4. How are the multinationals working with the startups in the EcoMotion community?
  5. Any new models to share in regards to integration of innovation in the field?

About Orlie Sol Dahan:
Executive Director, Ecomotion
Israel Innovation Institute

With 13 years of experience in the transport world, Orlie began her path in the industry through her time in the Air Force. With her expertise in aviation, she was recruited to operate a private aviation fleet, then moved on to complete her BA in Business Management at IDC. Orlie became the first female entrepreneur in the community she leads today by founding Blitz Motors, a two-wheeled electric vehicle company. Among her other accomplishments, Orlie represented the Israeli Transport sector in the European Commission through her roles as the Former Head of the Surface Transport sector and ETNA project at ISERD. Orlie is the current acting executive director at EcoMotion where her passion for smart mobility continues to open new doors for innovation and growth within the community.

EcoMotion is a dynamic community with over 600 start-ups (constantly growing) and 8,000 members in the Smart Transportation sector. Understanding startups do not grow in a void, we bring together entrepreneurs, academics, government officials, local & global automotive industry representatives, investors and much more; providing a support platform for knowledge-sharing, networking and collaboration.

Our mission is to support the growth of the Israeli Smart Transportation sector and enhance the implementation of innovation in our field, while simultaneously, positioning Israel as a global innovation center for Smart Transportation. EcoMotion has an extensive innovation toolkit to support public and private sector organizations in the implementation of innovation, such as Challenge Competitions, Adaptathons, Networking Events and more!.