New, efficient patent licensing platform for the automotive industry.

Tell the world about your next innovation, not your next lawsuit

  • Your revolutionary patent licensing solution
  • Brings product makers to market faster
  • Provides patent holders fair and transparent payment

NEWS: “ partners with PatentBooks to bring new patent licensing platform to automotive industry worldwide” – read press release here.

Individual PatentBooks for

  • Autonomous / connected vehicles
  • Electrification / EVs and related technologies
  • Industry 4.0
  • Fasteners

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KEY BENEFITS of PatentBooks include the following:

AGGREGATE PATENTS – Organized by product
Subscribing to the Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook™ provides a single patent licensing source with transparent, predictable access to the IP you need to get your product to market—eliminating expensive, draining and distracting lawsuits.

ONE CLICK LICENSE – For patent owners and users
Patent owners publish their patents to the Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook™ PatentBooks for free, and are guaranteed to receive new revenue from Subscribed patent users. Patent users subscribe to ALL patents in the Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook™ with easy monthly subscription payments.

PAYMENTS BY VALUE – Comprehensive monetization
The Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook™ massively reduces costs and enables faster autonomous vehicle launches. Patent owners and product innovators both enjoy shorter paths to profit. PatentBooks pay patents by their value, continuously judged by industry experts using transparent metrics. Everyone enjoys more time to focus on profitable innovation.

Patents are fully described inventions released into the public domain to benefit human society. Innovators scour the globe for new patents to build into their products and services. The Autonomous Vehicle PatentBooks™ autonomously licenses all relevant patents to innovators for easy predictable costs, and simultaneously compensate patent owners fairly, allowing human society and cultures to grow via the sharing economy.

About PatentBooks, Inc.
PatentBooks Inc., buils on the intellectual property developed by TAEUS, one of the most respected companies in global patent licensing. For more than 26 years, TAEUS and PatentBooks have provided the most comprehensive solutions to global 100 companies and individual inventors around the world, delivering significant increases in shareholder value with minimal cost.

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The first Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook Key Stakeholders Roundtable

In this Roundtable, Caterpillar’s head of technology licensing, Bill Berlinger stated, “We’re opting in” and “inviting all our competitors to come in.” Courageous words from Caterpillar, a very “down-to-earth” company, who sees “anyone in the patent office” as their competitors, yet desires to execute “several orders of magnitude more license deals in an automated fashion” via the Autonomous Vehicle PatentBook.