Mexico Market Report 2019

This second edition of the Mexico Market Report highlights many upward trends we are seeing in today’s $23.8B auto care industry in Mexico. The market is so dynamic we saw significant change in many key areas: increasing VIO (even with higher gas prices); stable but rather high average vehicle age; rising employment in the auto parts and automotive industry; deep differences between the VIO of Used Imports vs. VIO of Vehicles sold new in Mexico. Your Mexico Market Report takes a deep dive into these topics and many more, providing all of the information you need to thrive in the dynamic Mexico aftermarket.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 3
    North America 4
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    Mexico 4
    Price of Gasoline 5
    Sales of Gasoline & Diesel 6
    Miles of Roads in Mexico 7
    Roads–Type of Surface 7
Manufacturing Employment 9
    Mexico Select Activities for AutoParts and Automotive Industry 10
Original Equipment Manufacturing 13
    Light Vehicles 14
    Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks 15
    Who is Producing Vehicles in Mexico? 15
    Production of Auto Parts in Mexico 15
Parts Manufacturing 17
    Parts–Recent Investment News 18
    O.E.–Recent Investment News 20
    Auto Parts U.S. Imports from Mexico 21
    Auto Parts U.S. Exports to Mexico 21
Distribution 23
    Basic Bumper to Bumper Warranties 24
    Mexican Retail Chains 25
    Important Players in Mexico 25
    Automotive Companies in Mexico 26
Vehicles In Operation 27
    Global VIO 28
    VIO by Country 29
New Vehicle Sales and Market Share 31
    New Vehicle Retail Sales 32
    New Vehicle Sales 33
    Used Imports 34
    Percent Mix of Cars vs. Trucks 36
    Used Imports Percent Mix of Cars and Trucks 36
    Average Mix of Cars and Trucks 36
    VIO Share 37
Age of Vehicles and Geographic Location 39
    Vehicles in Operation 40
    By State 41
    Top 10 Vehicles 41
Miles Traveled 43
    By State 44
    Per Year 44
    VIO Make Share 45
Used Imports 47
    Big 3 Share- Used Imports vs Vehicles Sold 48
    Number of Cylinders Share-Used Imports vs. Vehicles Sold 49
    Vehicle Type Distribution-Used Imports vs. Vehicles Sold 50
Auto Care and IDF Data Resources 52
Legal Terms and Conditions 53