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LevaData helps global enterprises improve gross margins by reducing supply chain costs, with a focus on delivering measurable and accountable supply chain solutions and strategies that transform companies. The unique LevaData Cognitive Sourcing™ Platform allows customers to sense, recommend, act, and learn. Customers include leaders in the top global supply chain organizations, as well as medium-sized OEMs seeking to achieve best-in-class direct materials sourcing practices. LevaData is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Introduction by Rajesh Kalidindi

November 25, 2018: LevaData & Cognitive Sourcing – An Introduction by CEO Rajesh Kalidindi

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Potential Impact of USMCA: Perspectives from the Automotive Industry
6-page research report
March 2019 – download report here

Cognitive Sourcing: The CFO Perspective
9-page white paper
March 2019 – download white paper here

How Innovation is Transforming the Procurement Organizational Blueprint
8-page white paper
September 2018 – download white paper here

Cognitive Sourcing is a Leap Forward in Managing Threats and Opportunities
8-page white paper
August 2018 – download white paper here

OnDemand Seminar: “USMCA’s Impact on the Global Automotive Industry”

To watch OnDemand Seminar, please visit here.

LevaData recently conducted a survey among executives at auto manufacturers and suppliers on the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and its expected impact. The survey uncovered some surprising findings, including the unwavering support for the deal despite expectations of significant production cost increases. Join us as we discuss the results and how executives are planning for USMCA compliance.

LevaData Cognitive Sourcing Opportunity

Our Idea
Modernize your strategic sourcing capability so you can enable your talent to deliver increased agility, efficiency, and improved product margins.

CPOs and CSCOs are challenged to deliver increased savings while maintaining a competitive edge. This requires keeping pace with technological advancements, having greater flexibility, providing deeper insight, and managing risk. We apply LevaData’s cognitive technology to modernize and operate your sourcing better than industry results. Our leading-edge cognitive technology and Strategic Sourcing Services, uses external data and self learns, providing deeper insight and sourcing intelligence.

LevaData New Era of Cognitive Sourcing

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