SHRM 20 Annual Conference & Exposition – Automotive

“The World We Shape”

SHRM 2020 Annual Conference & Exposition
To be held at the Convention Center in San Diego, CA (USA): June 28 – July 1, 2020 Launches “Global Automotive Industry Delegation” Program for SHRM20 Annual Conference & Exposition

New technologies, new business models, and new competitors are disrupting the traditional automotive industry. This has a major effect on companies’ human capital and HR departments across the globe. and SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) have teamed up and are offering automotive and international HR professionals a special opportunity to participate in the Global Automotive Industry Delegation. The Delegation participants will receive numerous benefits, including special pricing, to attend the SHRM20 Annual Conference & Exposition in San Diego from June 28 – July 1, 2020.

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Remember, to receive your Global Automotive Industry Delegation benefits, you must register through this ( website! (Please note, you are not obligated to participate in Automotive Delegation activities when you register here. Simply enjoy the lowest prices!)

Important information on this page

  • Why Participate in the Global Automotive Industry Delegation?
  • About SHRM20 Annual Conference & Exposition
  • Discounts: Take Advantage of Early Registration Prices!
  • Convince Your Boss!
  • 6 Reasons to Attend SHRM20
  • International Attendees: travel / business visas
  • Air travel, conference hotel and housing information
  • Learning Tools: Latest Audio Interviews – access here now
  • SHRM20 and Delegation Questions? Contact us here

Why Participate in Global Automotive Industry Delegation?

For International, Individual and/or Corporate attendees. offers Delegation participants from around the world a unique and special program leading up to, and at the SHRM20 Conference in late June in San Diego (CA – USA).

Delegation participants receive the following benefits, only available here. All benefits included for one, low price!

Receive These Valuable Benefits Before Conference Start:

In addition to all SHRM20 Annual Conference & Exposition attendee benefits (*), you will also receive:

  1. Special Corporate, Group, and Individual attendee discounts
  2. Access to free monthly Audio Interviews focused on global HR challenges
  3. Access to free monthly Online Seminars focused on global HR challenges
  4. Free subscription to monthly GLOBALtalk HR eJournals
  5. Free subscription to weekly international automotive industry eJournals
  6. White papers, reports and case studies
  7. And more benefits to come!

Additional Benefits @ Conference:

  1. “Global Automotive HR” Lunch and Learn Event
  2. THE Lounge. THE Lounge is a space exclusively provided to our corporate and international delegates for networking, thought exchange, and relaxation. Attendees from all over the world come to the lounge to plan their conference day, join in on engaging discussions, reunite with old friends and colleagues, and re-energize for upcoming sessions. THE Lounge is open during the entire conference.
  3. Invitation to Global Enterprise Reception
  4. Access to special delegation seating area
  5. SHRM Store. Delegation members will receive a 10% discount on all purchases made at the onsite SHRM Store during the Conference.
  6. SHRM On Demand. Delegation members will receive an additional 10% discount on SHRM on-demand at the time voucher is redeemed.
  7. Electronic certification of attendance. Certificates can be printed in THE Lounge.
  8. Simultaneous Interpretation Services in 4 languages. Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish – via Smart phone SHRM app – additional cost applies.
  9. Other great benefits

About Conference & Schedule

2020 Conference at a glance – visit here

Conference Schedule – visit here

Take Advantage of Early Registration Discounts!

Below is individual pricing for SHRM Members and Non-Members (**). Corporate Group Pricing (groups of 5 or 10 attendees) receive ‘member pricing’ for each attendee. (click on Register Button to view pricing for groups of 5 or 10 membersif you have questions, contact us via form below)

SHRM20 List Prices:
Day of Conference: $2030 (Members) and $2465 (Non-Members).

(*) What does my fee include?
In addition to the benefits detailed above, registration fees include: (1) General Sessions and Luncheons; (2) Educational Concurrent Sessions; (3) Admission to the SHRM Exposition Hall; (4) One admission to the Tuesday night show; and (5) Online access to Conference presentations.

Additional products, such as a pre-conference programming, can be purchased by each delegation participant at the time they redeem their voucher.

(**) What payment types do we accept?
Credit/debit cards are our standard form of payment. Need to pay by check, bank wire transfer, or other form of payment? Please contact us below.

Convince Your Boss!

Convince Your Boss
No matter how excited you may be to attend the SHRM Annual Conference, you may find that before you can click that big red REGISTER button, you still have to convince your boss to let you go. Getting approval to attend the conference is a two-part endeavor; you need to demonstrate the benefits of the conference to your organization and then you’ll need to persuade your boss that it’s worth the investment of time and money (and that you’re the right person to invest in)! Here are some steps you can take to convince your boss that you should attend.

Step 1: Review the program
Determine which sessions you want to attend and justify this selection to your boss; with nearly 200 sessions, you can be sure you’ll be able to craft a curriculum that will provide you and your organization with the information you need. Select the ones that are most beneficial to you, your team and company and when explaining the selection to your boss, be specific. Is your organization struggling with employee engagement? Show your supervisor the sessions that cover talent management and engagement tactics. Do you need to advance your leadership and communication skills? We have a large number of topics on this from speakers who are trusted and recognized for their expertise. If your organization has a challenge, there are definitely sessions that will provide you with a solution.

PRO TIP: Use the session search feature and use keywords to help you narrow down your selections so you can build an agenda that addresses your specific workplace needs!

Step 2: Stress the value of investing in your development (and then save some money)
The bottom line is that the smarter you are, the better it is for your organization! You know that organizations take on an almost unfathomable amount of risk whey they don’t have the most informed, up-to-date HR staff available – the pace of legislation, trends, and even social media can be a real landmine for your organization- from recruiting to compliance to strategic planning. Stay on top of these issues (and many, many more) by attending the Annual Conference and getting the resources you and your organization need. Your boss may be worried about the cost or even your time out of the office, but remind her it’s worth it in the long run. Boss still not convinced? Let her know you’ve figure out a way to make it as cost-effective as possible! Register early before rates increase, and book your hotel room through the official SHRM Housing Block. This way you know you’re getting a fair rate AND saving on transportation costs (we have shuttles for hotels that aren’t in walking distance to the convention center!) And let her know that you’ll take advantage of coffee breaks, receptions and exposition hall lunches to help cut costs of dining out.

Step 3: Review the exhibitor list
The Exposition Hall will host 600+ vendors showcasing a wide-range of innovative HR-related products and services that help meet you needs. You can visit the Exposition and be among the first to learn about the latest HR business solutions, discover answers to on-the-job challenges and find the tools your organization has been looking for, whether it’s recruiting software or rewards programs or wellness strategies (and a lot more!). Consider the business opportunities that could develop from establishing connections with industry professionals and partners – and maybe remind your boss once again that you’ll be provided lunch in the Exposition!

Step 4: Complete the request letter
Sometimes your boss will need it in writing, or just prefers to receive your request in an email. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered there too. Use our handy Letter Template to list your reasons for attending and submit to your supervisor. You can customize it however you want, but this letter gives you a great starting point for organizing your thoughts and making sure you’re making the best case for attending Annual Conference!

Step 5: Bring it all home
We guarantee that the learning you get at the conference will be phenomenal (and energizing). So don’t leave it in the convention center – share your results! Let your boss know that you will commit to a post-conference briefing for staff, senior management or your team, where you’ll highlight what you’ve learned from the conference. Tie your learnings to your organizations long-term and short-term goals or strategic plan – it’s important to show your boss that the conference wasn’t just good in theory but that it gave you real, actionable solutions that you can implement for your organization.

6 Reasons to Attend SHRM20

SHRM20 is headed to San Diego! We believe that there are countless opportunities why you should attend the SHRM Annual Conference, we’ve managed to narrow it down to six classic reasons:

1. Hear from the experts. Our speakers are proven business leaders, strategists, practitioners and peers. Many of them are current HR professionals; others are well-respected industry leaders who know what you need to know. Our selection process for speakers is as rigorous as you’ll find anywhere, and we make sure that you’re hearing from the best. You’ll get a solid grounding in tried-and-true HR fundamentals and unique insight into the innovative new practices that will change how the world does business.

2. Learn skills and stay up-to-date. No matter how long you’ve been in HR or what position you hold at your company, chances are there is still something you need to learn. Trends, new strategies, and innovations in HR happen all the time; to stay up-to-date you need an educational opportunity that provides you with the full range of HR knowledge.
Protect your company from liability – avoid legal risk before it arises by staying current with the latest changes in labor legislation. From federal legislative compliance, to HR legal issues specific to California, we help you stay on top of the most important legislative priorities.

3. Recertification. Your attendance earns you credits toward maintaining your valuable certification – your SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP or other general designation. Bonus: At the conference receive in person questions answered.

4. Meet with new vendors and suppliers. Our exhibitors are industry experts and solution-providers who truly what is happening in the world of HR and business – and they have answers to your questions. Invest time the exposition hall – our vendors are some of the best people for you to get to know if you want to learn more about what’s happening in HR now – and what’s going to happen in the future. Trust us: discovering innovative products and services is necessary to stay competitive in today’s business world.

5. Have fun with your HR peers from around the world. We know you’ve heard it all before, but networking is a huge part of your professional success. When you meet with your peers, you have an opportunity to collaborate, hear new ideas, and validate or change your perspectives. You may hear what others are doing and be inspired to implement something similar – or you could even hear another idea and realize you’re already on the right track! You can find a mentor or become one, and even make connections to help you further your own career.

6. AND… Register here to join the Global Automotive Industry Delegation for an increased focus on the global automotive industry!

International Attendees

SHRM19 International Attendees Orientation Video (2019 Las Vegas)

Whether you are a SHRM member or Non-Member, you may join our Automotive Delegation, and don’t forget to apply early for your travel visa! Already registered for SHRM20? SHRM will provide you a customized Visa Invitation Letter. Contact us below.

Air Travel, Hotel & Housing

Special Offer on Air Travel
SHRM has partnered with United Airlines to offer travel discounts to SHRM20. To learn more, visit here.

Conference Hotel and Housing Information
SHRM reserves housing blocks so that conference attendees may find accommodation at a conference rate. Select hotels are recommended for Global attendees, however Global attendees are welcome to stay at any hotel they desire. Reserve your room early to get the best rates and locations or complete hotel and housing information, visit here.

About SHRM20

Inspiring Speakers
Internationally-renowned speakers that offer fresh points of view and inspiring stories will help shift your perspectives and deepen your understanding of a broad range of HR topics and workplace issues.
See Program Below

Comprehensive Learning
Over 200 concurrent sessions (see Session Tracks below) provide a complete education for HR professionals, people managers and business leaders at every stage of their career. The best part, you’ll walk away with actionable tactics you can apply right away.

Boundless Connections
With thousands of attendees, you’ll have ample opportunities before, during and after the event to meet your peers, mentors and even your next hire. We bring the industry to life with practitioners from every discipline all over the world.
See “6 Reasons To Attend SHRM20” on this page


Our comprehensive program is designed to give you a full range HR education, from the basics that every HR professional needs to the innovative ideas that are changing how you work. No matter where you are in your career, there is something for you.

How do you learn best?
Whether you favor condensed, 18-minute rapid-fire sessions in the Smart Stage, or you can’t wait to hear from thought leaders who present the Change-Maker sessions – we want to help you find your match!

Mega Sessions & Concurrent Sessions
Mega sessions and concurrent sessions are the educational backbone of the conference and provide a classroom-style learning experience. The difference between a mega session and a concurrent session is just the size of the room – you can expect a larger room and crowd for mega sessions. These sessions allow you the most personal customization – you can select from a wide variety of topics during each time slot to help you focus on the issues/areas that are most relevant to your needs.

General Sessions featuring Keynote Speakers
Our keynote speakers are leaders in their industries. Their stories will inspire you to think outside the box and widen your perspectives. You’ll leave general sessions feeling energized and motivated – they set the tone for the SHRM conference experience – transformative, innovative and practical.

These sessions feature business leaders who are shaping the future of the industry, from brands you know and love. Attend for an in-depth glimpse into the interworking’s of HR strategies from companies like Airbnb and Zappos. You’ll leave with insights you can apply to your daily work, and the inspiration to step outside your comfort zone and embrace innovative new ideas that are changing the workplace.

Smart Stage
If you prefer shorter sessions, check out the Smart Stage! These presentations provide relevant, topical information in concise, 18-minute segments. Sessions will cover topics ranging from tips to navigate the conference, onboarding, employee recognition to leadership and personal development strategies and much more.

Session Tracks

Over 200 concurrent sessions provide a complete education for HR professionals, people managers and business leaders at every stage of their career. The best part, you’ll walk away with actionable tactics you can apply right away. See Session Tracks below:

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