China Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Development for Automotive Suppliers in China

Is Your Business Intelligence in China Working?

Thought Leadership: Audio Interviews on Doing Business in China’s Automotive Industry

  • “Importance of Business Intelligence on Decision-Makers When Doing Business in China” – listen here
  • “Important Tips for Protecting Your IP from China” – listen here
  • “Intercultural Business Skills in China” – listen here

Get Access to Taichi’s Ultimate Success Experience

  • For a subject as vital as fully developing Chinese clients, it simply requires the right business intelligence and the right partner.
  • You’ve done the hard work of securing business from Western automotive OEMs and Suppliers in China. Now it’s time to fully develop the Chinese clients. This is where it gets tougher.
  • That’s why Taichi and have teamed up. Together, we offer Western clients access to this extremely difficult to reach clientele.

Learn more about how Taichi and can help your organization compete in the China automotive markets.

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