The NEXT Education

The NEXT Education and have teamed up to offer the following Courses, Certifications and Credentials to the automotive industry worldwide. Automotive industry professionals can complete MicroTraX courses Online, while other Programs are available for completing through both Online (at any time) and through ‘Live’ online participation.

*As of 2020, our accreditation body is now allowing online material to be counted as formal PDH (Professional Development Hours).

MicroTrax Courses, Certifications & Credentials

The NEXT Education platform provides access to leaders in the intelligent transportation and new mobility industries giving you the opportunity to learn from those working in the field every day.

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Training Agents of Change

The NEXT Education has partnered with organizations working in industries developing and advancing intelligent transportation and new mobility systems to offer credentials, certifications and CEU/PDH credits. Through a series of video-based and on-line live instruction, learning is delivered in a flexible, convenient and entertaining format allowing you to advance your career whenever and wherever you are ready to learn.

The NEXT Education MicroTraX Platform

This competency-based learning approach is delivered in a flexible, customizable and entertaining format. The NEXT Education meets you where you are.

With knowledge checks throughout the process, these self-paced MicroTraX programs are available whenever and wherever you are ready to learn.

The NEXT Education

Intelligent transportation and new mobility systems are built on critical knowledge and deep problem-solving skills combined with a passion for creating safer, accessible, equitable, sustainable and connected transportation.

As connected and autonomous mobility and smart cities rapidly increase, so does the demand for knowledgeable leaders, certified and credentialed employees, and skilled workers. This requires consistent up to date information on new technologies and real world experience to stay relevant in an increasing number of fields.

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