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12th Annual Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century Conference: “What Are the Tipping Points for EVs?”

July 15, 2020 – 9:00am to 1:30pm (EST / Detroit time)
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US EPA Joins Toyota, Boston Consulting, LG, and Automotive Futures Researchers to Discuss EV Tipping Points

When we thought about this year’s Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century conference, we decided to look at the different ways that electric vehicles (EVs) could become the dominant powertrain in the U.S. At this year’s conference, we will discuss the multiple potential “tipping points” that will signal the changeover to EVs. Tipping points are plural because we see different tipping points across the automotive ecosystem. Manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, consumers, and governments all will have different issues that will “tip” the scales toward EVs.

One manufacturer tipping point will be when they decide to not design any new internal combustion powertrains. For suppliers, it may be when their product lines and profits will be based primarily on EV components or systems. Dealers might see their tipping point be one where they have more EVs on their lots than internal combustion vehicles. For consumers, it could be when EVs cost the same or less than similar internal combustion vehicles. And local and federal governments may see no need to incent EV purchases but focus exclusively on providing needed high-speed charging stations, as well as turning over their vehicle fleets to all EVs. These are just some of the “tipping points” that might signal the changeover to EVs.

But there are more questions to be addressed for all the EV stakeholders:

  • When will these tipping points occur?
  • Which ones are more important for each group?
  • How will the US be different from the EU and Asia?
  • How will government regulations affect the tipping points?
  • How well will energy companies be prepared for the transition?
  • This promises to be a spirited discussion because of all the changes that may need to take place in order to reach the tipping points.

Confirmed Speakers Include

Bruce Belzowski, Managing Director, Automotive Futures will moderate the conference and discuss an analysis of powertrain strategies of nine companies selling in the US, and results from the 2020 Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century survey.

Michael Safoutin, Engineer at the US Environmental Protection Agency, will review some recent EPA research on EVs as well as his recent research on issues related to electric vehicles.

Xavier Mosquet, Managing Director and Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group, will discuss the results from his group’s recent research on EV tipping points.

Janghwan Shin, Research Fellow, Business Strategy Department, LG Economic Research Institute, will talk about his views about the future of EVs over the next five years, and the impact EVs will have on the automotive battery industry.

Sergio Muniz, Associate Professor, Technology Center/Transportation Department at the University of Parana, Brazil, will present the results of our latest research on EV performance in the US, China, and the EU.

Karim Hamza, Principle Engineer, and Ken Laberteaux, Senior Principal Scientist at Toyota North America R&D will discuss their recent research results that focus on the time it will take for EVs to reach price parity with internal combustion engine vehicles.

Other manufacturers, suppliers, government representatives, and consultants have been invited


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