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SOUTH AMERICA: "Brazil Finishes Q4 with Upside in Trucks (Jan. 2018)" report

SOUTH AMERICA: "Brazil Finishes Q4 with Upside in Trucks (Jan. 2018)" report. 4-page report by BAIRD.

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June,  2004

Mexico Sees May LV Sales Record
Buoyed by rising economic activity, Mexican consumers appeared to have overcome their apprehension related to the country’s March interest-rate boost and with the help of some automaker incentives drove a record number of light vehicles off dealer (...)
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Mexico: the potential of its automotive powerhouse
The White House National Trade Council director, professor Peter Navarro, has said he is in favour of creating a powerhouse between the US, Canada and Mexico based on – presumably amongst other things – revising the original NAFTA regulations an (...)
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Brazil’s Automobile Production Soars 33.8% in May
Brazil produced 237,060 vehicles last month, up 33.8 percent from May 2016, when 177,200 units were manufactured, giving a boost to one of the industries most affected by the recession, the National Association of Automakers (Anfavea) said on Tuesday (...)
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Argentina Creates Tax Benefits Regime for Auto Parts and Motor Vehicles
Law No. 27, 263 created the "Regime for the Development and Strengthening of the Argentine Auto Parts Industry" (the "Regime") , that grants tax benefits to manufacturers of vehicles that use national auto parts or to manufacturer (...)
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Mexico: Why a $1.6bn car plant has been left to decay
Mexico is currently the world's fourth largest car exporter, but could US President Donald Trump's plans to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) between the US, Canada and Mexico bring this to an end?On the outskirt (...)
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Growing Opportunities in Colombia’s Automotive Market
Last year, Colombia was the fifth-largest U.S. export market for vehicles and second-largest U.S. automotive parts market.For U.S. firms looking to increase their sales in this sector, Colombia offers opportunities due to its heavy concen (...)
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Trucks: North America Rebound May Be Set to Slow
Negative risk/reward for truck stocks. While better-than-expected Class 8 orders continued into April, we believe tepid hard data and lack of participation from big fleets in recent activity increase the likelihood that orders moderate over coming mo (...)
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Brazil seems to be climbing out of the worst recession in history
Brazil is set to show a return to growth, the Central Bank indicated Monday, raising hopes that Latin America’s biggest economy could be inching out of a two-year recession.The official gross domestic product (GDP) statistic is not publ (...)
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Mexico warns on NAFTA sourcing: 'Don't shoot ourselves in the foot'
Mexico's economy minister on Tuesday sounded a note of caution to the three countries involved in NAFTA trade negotiations, saying they should be careful not to adjust rules on local sourcing of parts too much, or risk driving business elsewhere. (...)
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A talk with Mexico's NAFTA advocate
Despite uncertainties about the treaty's future, Mexico's place in the global supply chain is secure, says the head of the country's Trade and NAFTA Office.Q: There is a lot of talk about manufacturing returning from Asia to North Amer (...)
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Brazil tightens corruption controls on banks and listed companies
Brazilian presidential decree raising fines on banks and listed companies involved in illicit acts aims to empower the central bank and the country's securities industry watchdog in their efforts to bolster transparency, Finance Minister Henrique Mei (...)
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Will There Be a Silk Road to South America?
China's President Xi pledged in 2016 to double bilateral trade between China and Latin America to US$500 billion.The May 14-15 Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing was China's latest effort at injecting impetus int (...)
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Latin American economy rebounds in Q1 after long and painful contraction
The Latin American economy expanded for the first time in nearly two years in Q1, according to the latest regional data. Our Consensus estimate suggests that the aggregate GDP for the region increased 0.7% year-on-year in Q1 2017 (Q4 2016: -0.4% yoy) (...)
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Mexican Tax Authorities Step In On The Subcontracting Regime
The subcontracting regime concept has evolved in the Mexican legislation in recent years. In 2009, the Social Security Law (“SSL”) was amended mainly to provide the authorities with better means to scrutinize the compliance of social security obl (...)
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Unemployment in Brazil: 70 percent are between 18 and 39
Brazil's Finance Minister, however, is optimistic about the future.Unemployment in Brazil has hit a record figure of 14.2 million workers. According to the National Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), almost 70 percent are bet (...)
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International Location Report: Mexico Maintaining a Place in Global Manufacturing
Despite dealing with a collapse in oil prices and threats of new tariffs to be imposed by the incoming Trump administration, Mexico retains significant economic advantages.The moment Donald Trump declared that the United States is going t (...)
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Mexico’s Manufacturing Activity Seeks the Path to Recovery in 2017
Mexico’s reliance on the US.Mexico (EWW) is still impacted by its dependence on the US (SPY) (QQQ) through its trade relations and investments. The North American Free Trade Agreement (or NAFTA) deal has boosted Mexico’s (SMK) economi (...)
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Doing Business in Mexico 2017 - downloadable report
Mexico ranks higher than Brazil, China, India and Russia.To download 356-page report by World Bank, please click here.Source: (...)
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Mexico Economic Outlook
The economy continues to withstand the uncertainty linked to the U.S. trade agenda and the reverberating effects of soaring inflation remarkably well. A comprehensive set of data showed that GDP grew in Q1 at an even faster pace than at first estimat (...)
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Argentina – Business Visa Waived for 35 Countries
Nationals of 35 countries are now visa waived for business travel as long as they are involved in no remuneration activities while in Argentina for up to 90 days. The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a Resolution 137-E that was published in the Of (...)
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Labor legislation for foreign workers in Brazil
Legal entities interested in using foreign labor, either permanently or temporarily, must request a work permit from the General Immigration Coordination, an agency of the Ministry of Labor and Employment.The request will be by submission (...)
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Brazil: Tax and financial incentives
What are and how companies can benefit from these stimulus?Federal incentivesSpecial tax regimes are provided by Brazilian legislation to benefit some specific economic activity sectors. In most cases, taxpayers must comply w (...)
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Argentina: Political unrest in Brazil threatens economic recovery
Argentina Economic Outlook.The economic recovery seems to be underway, although it remains shaky, as the economy is still struggling to shrug off the significant economic distortions inherited from the previous administration. Economic ac (...)
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Brazil record trade surplus and industrial production up 0.6% in April
Encouraging news for Brazil's economic recovery: industrial output increased in April for the first time since December and the trade surplus rose to a record US$ 7.661bn during May, according to government data. Exports boosted by a record soy crop (...)
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What’s the difference between an border tax and import tariff?
Clarifying the President’s idea of assessing a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico.President Trump suggested the idea of assessing a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico. The purpose of this tax was to pay for the construction of a w (...)
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Costa Rica Remains The Most Prosperous Nation (in Central America)
Its business environment and personal freedom are two aspects that make Costa Rica the most prosperous nation in Central America, according to the Bringing Prosperity to Life ranking conducted by the Legatum Institute.Panama is the countr (...)
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Nearshore & Offshore Software Developers are Key to Overcoming Talent Drought
As the hiring wars heat up, western companies should be considering nearshore or offshore sourcing as a remedy for the software development talent drought.If you believe that “software is eating the world,” as Marc Andreessen suggests (...)
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Double Nationality in Mexico
Having double or multiple nationalities can resort to social benefits, property rights and unrestricted residence rights.Is Mexico allowed double nationality?Since 1998 the Mexican Nationality Law allows Mexican people to have (...)
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Latin American exports rebound in first quarter of 2017 pushed by commodity prices
After four consecutive years of contraction, Latin American and Caribbean exports returned to a path of growth. In the first quarter of 2017, the value of goods exports increased 17% year-on-year, having contracted 2.9% in 2016.The recove (...)
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How to invest in Brazil
This section provides topics related to foreign investor's federal taxpayer registration, foreign capital registration and investment in Brazilian land.Foreign investor's federal taxpayer registrationThe Brazilian Federal Rev (...)
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